, Militia of the Immaculata

Prayer for Today

Dear Lord, fill my mind with loving thoughts today. Grant that I may spend the
hours of the day gladly working with you according to Your will.

Help me just for today and be with me in it: in the long hours of confinement , that
I may not weary or grow slack in loving You; in conversations, that they may not be
to me occasions of uncharitableness; din the day's worries and disappointments, that
I may be patient with myself and with those around me; in moments of fatigue and
illness, that I may be mindful of others rather than of myself; in temptations; that I may
be generous and loyal , so that when the day is over I may lay it at Your feet , with its
successes which are all Yours, and its failures, which are all my own, and feel that
life is real and peaceful and blessed, when spent with You as the Guest of my soul. Amen.

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