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MI Monthly Formation

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MI Consecration class at Marytown

Preparation for Marian Consecration will be May 22, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.
Consecration Ceremony, Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, June 12.
Call Chris in the Retreat office at 847- 367-7800 ext 225.

MI Youth

MI Teen Village at Marytown
Meets every 3rd Thursday of the month at Marytown. The next meeting will be
Thursday April 15 at 7:00 PM. Visit
Contact or call 630-404-0138

Fr. Kolbe Missionaries Calendar for April

9       MI Young Adults 7-9pm – fellowship, formation, sharing
10     MI Teens 9-5pm – a day of fun as they grow in the faith
11     Divine Mercy Sunday
14     MI Spanish Village 9am-1pm
18     MI Adults 2-4pm- sharing and fellowship in the Kolbean ideal
23-25    MI Couples Retreat

Prince of Peace Abbey, Oceanside, CA
April 23-25 with Fr. Vincent Gilmore, OPraem, $385/couple
United together as one in love forever! Open to all couples.




MI Village Banner, 25”W x 40”H, full color on washable vinyl, can be ordered from the Fr. Kolbe Missionaries. Price is $75. (includes shipping costs). Call or write to request order form.

Custom order with MI Village name, city and state.

Mama Mary’s Village for children no longer meets since its leader has moved

MI Family Village    St. John the Baptist, Parish Hall  3843 Baldwin Park Blvd
Next meeting  April 25,  1:00-3:00 PM
Rik and Judith Hernandez 626-967-0444 or Joe and Edith Venegas  909-627-0327

MI Family Village  3rd Sunday, April 18, May 16, 2:00-6:00PM   Kit Carson City Park
June 5th is tentative MI Teen hike
Joe and Sue O’Donnell 760-745-0935

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church,   1813 Oakdale Road    John Paul II Center
MI Prayer Village     First Saturday after 8:00 am Mass, Suzanne Flint 209-521-8299
The Prayer Village Will Meet Saturday April 3 in JPII After 8 am Tenebrae.
We will have an abbreviated meeting for prayer. At our last meeting, time was spent working on our own formation.  We are using the book entitled “Together with Mary.” We will spend May, June, and July in continued study using this book.

MI Family Village    April 11, Sunday after 9:00 am Mass
At our last monthly meeting, we had the privilege of welcoming Fr. Matt O’Donnell who grew up in the MI Family. We are grateful for the time he took to share his faith foundational experiences. Brandon & Kathleen Harker gave a talk that was a wake up call for me personally. It caused me to ask myself, how often I notice that someone might be struggling with everyday things. Most of all, do I stop to notice and offer the spiritual, material or personal support that is necessary to say that I care? Our consecration prayer must be truly lived out in a real way each day, that includes the ordinary and makes my day extraordinary by the way I respond to my neighbor. (Malissa)
John & Malissa Souza  209-531-8126
Holy Family MI Village, 2nd Friday of the month, April 9, 8:33 PM
Thomas and Mari Avalos, 951-32`-0426

Holy Cross MI Village
2nd Friday of the Month, April 9, The Coffee Bean, 7:03 pm 3712 Mission Inn Ave. Riverside, CA 92501
Freddie Solorio

M.I. Youth  First Fridays of the month, due to Holy Week, April 9.
13-17 year olds  6:00- 8:00 FKM Jillian Cooke will be the guest speaker.
Janet Cooke        661-296-5834

MI Adult Village    1st Saturday of the month, April 3, 10-11:30am
Carmen Denning    909-595-1366  We have a Pilgrim Virgin that we bring into homes.

MI Adult Village    2nd Thursday of the month, due to Easter, April 15,  10:30-12 noon
We have a Pilgrim Virgin that we bring into homes. We continue to write priests and send them the Hero of Auschwitz bio on Kolbe, proposing that they make their total consecration to Mary. We’ve also begun a fundraiser for the FKM, Mary’s Peanut Brittle. We are happy to take your orders!
Alice O’Donnell        626-338-1724

FKM Center March report
MI Women’s Retreat was fruitful for some 16 participants as they meditated on the reflections given by Fr. Sebastian Walshe, OPraem.
MI Young Adults continue to gather to share the faith and spread the word of their Marian group.

MI Teens are building up friendships with teens from various areas of Southern California.
13 - 5 adults and 2 children made their total consecration during the Mass at St. Christopher’s.
The same day almost 70 Spanish speaking adults gathered for a silent Lenten retreat preached by Fr. Fernando Cuervo, OMV.

14 MI Young Adults participated in a mini Lenten retreat with Fr. John Montejano.

20 Confirmation Retreat for 40 CCD students from St. Christopher’s.

21 MI Adults enjoyed a profound study/sharing of the founding and present state of the MI today.

26-28 Fr. Kolbe Volunteers and MI Adults attended a beautiful retreat preached by Fr. Gregory Dick, OPraem and a reflection by Ann (FKM) which is on our podcasting site

Ave Maria Village      1st Saturday of the month, 10:30 AM
We renewed our total consecration at a special Mass at Redemptorist Church on the Feast of the Annunciation. We did the 9 day consecration as a Village and I could feel the prayers from Ks to Mo.

The First of May will be our event with Fr Joel from the Fathers of Mercy - a day of Reflection, Mass, confessions, Benediction, and talks ending with the Divine Mercy chaplet.
Christine Rossi

St Mary’s Catholic Church
MI Families of the Immaculata Village–1st Sunday 12:30 to 2:00 PM, April no meeting 
The Masek Family  801-898-3821
We had a very enjoyable gathering as we learned how to be “caring sowers of good seed in the vineyard of Our Lord”(Together With Mary). We are sending all our country’s bishops and cardinals holy cards and miraculous medals during this Lenten and Easter season. We will reconvene in May.

The Fr. Kolbe Missionaries are the MI National Office for the Spanish Speaking. MI materials are available.

The MI Monthly Formation bulletin is compiled and published by:
Fr. Kolbe Missionaries 531 E Merced Ave.  W. Covina, CA 91790  626-917-0040

A most Blessed Easter Season to you and your loved ones!


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