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MI News June 2011

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MI Monthly Formation

MI May Intentions poster (click)

Forget Not Love
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MI Youth
MI Young Adult Village at Marytown
Join us for Mass, Fellowship and a speaker on topics that are releveant to young Catholics, 18–30, living their faith!. Sunday, June5 at 7:00 PM.
For questions, please call or text: Greg Rawls (312) 806-3129
Fr. Kolbe Missionaries Calendar for June
2        Eucharistic Adoration , 6-10PM
4        Missionaries and Volunteers annual apostolic evaluation 1:30-5PM
6&7    Preparation for total consecration in Spanish, 7-8:30 PM
8        Rite of total consecration during MI Spanish Village 9:30-1 PM
10-12  An Authentic Catholic Woman, MI Women’s Retreat
            in Northern, CA Ann O’Donnell-English, Anna Brizzi-Spanish
18     Yard Sale, Fundraising celebration for World Youth Day
19     Happy Father’s Day
Have you ever thought of doing a fundraiser for the missionary efforts of the Church? Contact us.


MI Village News

MI Women’s Village
We meet once a month on Thursday to pray the rosary and share.
Mary Barr 623-842-3676

Ville de Marie Academy
17 students, from the upper grades, and principal, made their total consecration on the feast of Our Lady of Fatima. They were prepared by Remi and Alma Ruiz who teach at the school and have been faithful promoters of the MI for many years.

MI Family Village
St. John the Baptist Parish Hall
On summer break.
Rik & Judith Hernandez 626-967-0440 or Joe & Edith Venegas 909-627-0327

Joe & Sue O’Donnell 760-745-0935
MI Teens Had great meeting at the O'Ds where engineer Joe O'D had the kids design something as a team under a tight time limit. Sue gave three presentations on the total consecration to her son's class for May. As she gave them each a miraculous medal she told them it was a tool to be kept close and used with great frequency. June 3-5 MI Annual Family Camping William Hesse County Camping Ground, Julian, CA.

MI Adult Village Last Friday
10-11:30 AM
Don & Joanne Panicko 760-244-7048

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, 1813 Oakdale Road, John Paul II Center
MI Family Village John & Melissa Souza 209-531-8126 June 25, Team Leadership Dinner Meeting. John and I invited 4 couples to consider becoming part of a planning and organizing team. We are praying and searching for a facilitator couple for the MI with hopefully a two year commitment. There is desire and discussion from existing MI'ers about how we might reach out to parents of young children and invite them to MI. This will be the topic for our Leadership Meeting and we hope to receive volunteer help in creating a real "Team of Couples" who can take over the reins of the Family Village. June 10-12th MI Women's Retreat in English and Spanish led by FKMI Ann & Anna
MI Adult Prayer Village 1st Sat after
8:00 AM Mass Suzanne Flint 209-521-8299

Holy Family MI Village 2nd Friday, 8:33 PM
Thomas & Mari Avalos 951-313-3980

Holy Cross MI Village
2nd Friday of the Month, The Coffee Bean, 7:03 PM, 3712 Mission Inn Ave., Riverside, CA
Fred Solorio

MI Teens Village Fri. May 13th
About 20 gathered for their village with FKMI, Jillian, in May. I hope to have a total consecration for the Teens in June or early July
Women’s Rosary
Janet Cooke 661-296-5834

MI Adult Village 1st Saturday
of the month, 10-11:30 AM
Carmen Denning 909-595-1366
We have a Pilgrim Virgin we bring into homes.

MI Adult Village FKM Center
We had the annual Marian Celebration for all the family. We celebrated the beatification of John Paul II, participated in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and a rosary procession with little girls strewing flower petals before Our Lady. For each decade we learned about a Marian apparition (Fatima, Lourdes, Guadalupe, Akita and Kiebho). We concluded with the coronation of Mary and singing Marian hymns before the main statue in front of the FKM Center. Cars crept by slowly to see what this crowd was doing.
MI Teen Girls gathered for the last time this year. We prayed the rosary, watched a movie, ate pizza and cake,
played games and renewed our consecration.

MI Adult Village
Alice O’Donnell 626-338-1724
2nd Thursday10:30-12 PM Eight women gathered to share our love for the newly Blessed John Paul II and how he influenced our lives. We had a May crowning with hymns to Our Mother followed by a luncheon.

Ave Maria Village 1st Saturday
Christine Rossi

St. Mary’s Catholic Church
MI Families of the Immaculata Village
1st Sunday, 12:30-2:00 PM
The Masek Family 801-898-3821
May gathering on Mothers' Day: we passed out pink carnations and miraculous medals to parishioners after Mass. We began our study of the book, A Man for Others, and gave our annual donation of miraculous medals to the

MI Family News:
Marriage :
Terry Kim & Daniel Shin, May 7
Sick : Alicia & Joseph Hengehold’s five month old first child,
           Rose Guadalupe, hospitalized almost since birth with inoperable tumor.

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